Buying Local

We sell and auction a variety of items from Indiana estates including household goods, collectibles, antiques, and more.

Buyers are given the opportunity to buy items from estates in their area by visiting one of our hosted sales, on-site at the estate or on the website.

Check the sales location page for dates and times of sales in your area.

Website Purchases – After the online sale has ended, pick up your purchases from the estate on the specified pickup date.  

All buyers are bound by our Terms of Use agreement.

Selling with Local Estate Shop –

Contact us for a free consultation to assess how we can help with the sale of your Indiana estate items!

Our team will sort, photograph, document, research, and consult with you to price your items.

We not only advertise your sale on our site, we use all of our resources to spread the word about our hosted sales….including estate sales websites/forums, social media, and email.

We will then host the sale at your estate on agreed date(s) and time(s).

And our services don’t end there….!

We offer an extended online sale on our website for any unsold items from your estate!  You have the choice of auction or set price for each item, giving you more control over the proceeds of your sale.

Selling on our website is also a great option for those who only wish to sell one item, or have a small or already consolidated sale.                     

At the close of your sale, we assist with customer pickup and removal of items. We provide a detailed invoice for items sold and the fees for our services, with a check to you in a timely manner after each sale.

Clients selling with us are bound by our Terms of Service agreement.